Tarifs de l'école bilingue Montessori Happy Forever School à Nîmes

2021-2022 Pricing

Registration fees

Registration fees

They are due and cashed at the first registration of the child and are not refunded in case of withdrawal. Their amount is 350 € payable at registration.
Registration fees are used to cover expenses related to the processing of the child’s pre-registration and registration files, as well as to help set up the atmosphere for the school year (purchase of consumables, teaching materials, etc.).
In the event that we no longer have room for your child, your file will be placed on the waiting list (and in this case, no registration fee will be charged).


Tuition fees

Tuition fees allow the Happy Forever School to operate as a non-contractual structure since no state or other community subsidies or public assistance are allocated to the school. They are used to pay teachers’ salaries and expenses, rent and operating expenses, administrative management costs, material, regulatory obligations, etc.
These fees are calculated fairly and realistically, in order to offer a quality school adapted to all children and good working conditions for educators, and to ensure the sound and sustainable management of the school.


“Children house” classes (2-6 yo)

We have set the school year at 4900 €/year.
This sum will be paid at your convenience: 409 €/month for 12 months or 490 €/month for 10 months. You can also pay in 1 time at the beginning of the school year.

Primary class (6-12 yo)

The school year is at 5330 €/year.
This sum will be paid at your convenience: 445 €/month for 12 months or 533 €/month for 10 months. You can also pay in 1 time at the beginning of the school year.


From the beginning of the 2021 school year, we want to set up a system of scholarships for children whose parents have difficulties in financing schooling in our establishment.
To remove the obstacles to schooling and preserve our values of solidarity and social mix, we are now seeking financial support, such as corporate sponsorship. If you have contacts within companies, do not hesitate to inform us, thank you in advance!

Tax deductions and reductions:

The annual fee includes daycare time for the meridian break. Also, this gives you the right to deduct 1411 €/year from your taxes for children up to 6 years old (https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F8).
Morning and evening after-school care is also eligible for the tax credit.
Parents who send more than one child to school receive a 10% discount on tuition fees from the second child onwards.

School fees are flattened throughout the year and already take into account the absence of children during school holidays. Similarly, they will remain the same regardless of the reason for the teacher’s absence or the child’s absence during a month (personal holidays or illness).

Tuition fees include: General education, sports activities at school, ludo-creative activities, physical and artistic enlightenment classes, wellness workshops (meditation, yoga, relaxation…), Montessori teaching materials, books, morning snacks, supervision of recreation and meal times, individual and collective meetings between teachers and parents.

School fees do not include: meals, afternoon snacks, extra-curricular morning and evening daycare, extra-curricular activities, field trips and classroom photos.

Children are accepted for half-time periods: either every morning (8:30-11:30 am) or every afternoon (1:30-4:00 pm). Tuition fees remain the same as full-time.

We accept payment of tuition fees by the company of one of the child’s two parents: contact us for more information.

Registration is valid for one full school year. Every month started is due in full. A notice of 2 months is required (recommended letter) in the case of a departure during a school year, or the cancellation of an enrolment or re-enrolment in a new school year. The 2 months notice is due to the school.

Parents decide before the start of each school year to pay the annual tuition fees in 1, 3, 10 or 12 instalments. For payments in 10 and 12 instalments, payments are made by direct debits at the beginning of each month.

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