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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Two educators are in charge of each class: one Francophone and one Anglophone (the latter only speaks to children in English) in order to ensure a fully bilingual education.
Happy Forever School offers a one-adult for max 10 children supervision rate.
The educators, selected through a rigorous recruitment process, were chosen for their professionalism and experience, their caring, empathetic and warm attitude, and their unwavering confidence in each child’s potential.


SABINE, Francophone Montessori educator for the 2-6 yo class

I am a happy mother of a 10 year old boy, Eliot. It was during my pregnancy that I discovered the  Montessori method in the mothering books, such as that of C. Dumonteil Kremer “Raising your child differently” or in the magazine “Growing Differently”. I was immediately interested in the principles of this method , such as the love of work, autonomy, respect for oneself and others, the discovery of sensory abilities …

At the end of my maternity leave, and after an initial career as a management assistant, I made a decision to study the Montessori method further with the aim of working in a sector that has always been a passion for me : the early childhood. So I passed the CAP Early childhood as a self-learner, then after having the Montessori Assistant diploma (AMF Lyon), I had the chance to work in a Montessori school near Montpellier with children aged from 2 to 3 years, for almost 4 years. 

Maria Montessori says in her book “Scientific Pedagogy”, “the goal of the teacher is the work of a guide, for the use of the material, for the search of the exact word, to illuminate each work …  Guide on the way of life, the teacher does not push or slow down … “

I am happy to be this guide, to observe them and to see, through my non-intervention, the satisfaction of a child accomplishing their work (or overcoming difficulties) by the joy outlined on his face.

Of a joyful nature, I will also share with them my passions, through workshops such as nature and yoga ..


SARAH, Anglophone Montessori educator for the 2-6 yo class

Born and raised in California, I left when I was 22 years old after having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I furthered my studies in Public Health, at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. After living a year in Mendoza, Argentina my French husband and I decided to come to Nîmes so that I could study pastry-making. The birth of our daughter pulled me towards other areas of interest, notably those related to education and pedagogy. Teaching has traveled with me throughout these years: in the form of volunteering in California then in Denmark, as well as in a bilingual junior high school in Mendoza. It is children’s joy, their spontaneity and open-heartedness that draw me naturally to a teaching career. During the course of my readings, the Montessori philosophy resonated with me and my internship at Happy Forever School confirmed my enthusiasm for this environment. 

What a pleasure to be partners with Sabine in the 2-5 year-old class as the english educator !

MAGALI, Francophone Montessori educator for the children’s house (3 to 6 years old)

Active and overjoyed mother, Montessori educator for the toddlers (0 to 3 years old) and the children’s house (3 to 6 years old), I work for 15 years with children, including 10 years teaching in a primary school in the Gard region. Even if I loved my position, I felt frustrated daily, as I had to propose the same activity to all the children at the same moment and during the same time without taking in consideration their own rhythms and their inherent motivations. Hence, I decided to train myself to the Montessori pedagogy to be able to support daily and individually the children in their development and their acquirements, and to help them to blossom freeing fully their capacities.

Sportive, enthusiastic, creative spirit, I feel passionate about my job.

A Maria Montessori ‘s quote that resonate in me: “ We shouldn’t raise our children for the world of today, this world will no longer exist when they will be grown up; first we should help the child to cultivate his creative and adapting skills.”

I am presently pleased to participate at the creation of this beautiful school!


YULIANA, Anglophone Montessori educator for the children’s house (3 to 6 years old)

Guatemalan from birth, bilingual (Spanish-English) in the process of learning French. I’m an energetic woman, dreamer and doer; always sharing my smile to the world and looking at the bright side of things. I love to travel and adventures, nature and culture; music, sports, and dancing. Curious and willing to learn new things all the time.

I’m passionate for my profession which is what I believe my “calling” because I’ve never seen myself doing other than teaching and being surrounded by children. I have always thought that is from them we learn new things as well; and that is their energy and curiosity what keep us, teachers young. I’ve been teaching English in private schools in Guatemala City over more than ten years and in my last job, I experienced teaching with the Montessori pedagogy for three years, it was then when I realized that I wanted to become a Montessori teacher. During these years I experienced the joy of children while acquiring knowledge, because they were not only working with the material, which was fun, but they were learning, discovering, developing critical thinking, and solving real life problems. I saw how students enjoyed the process of taking and putting away the Montessori material, keeping their mat/area clean and organized, working in silence, and overall they seemed very relaxed. In my opinion these relaxed environment helped them to grow and develop more self-esteem, as well as respect for their peers and the class. Montessori pedagogy definitely guided these children to a natural learning desire, and it was amazing to see the progress of each student and how independent they were by the end of each school year. It was then when I knew I wanted to teach/guide in the Montessori world.

I truly believe teaching is work of heart and being able to inspire different children throughout these years is the best reward for me as a teacher! 


LORETTE, Francophone Montessori educator for the 6-12 yo class (elementary class)

I first wanted to become a geography and history teacher, but I quickly felt the limits of a one-sided approach of teaching children. It was during one of my internships that I discovered the Montessori method which changed my vision of the child and education. In that experience I found what I always felt was missing in general education. : it is not only a question of teaching knowledge but also of integrating it into an idea of interdependence.

Montessori method places as much importance on knowledge as on ethics and benevolence. I then understood that my vocation was to teach in this philosophy! So I decided to integrate the Montessori AMI 6-12 educator training offered by the ISMM (Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori) in Montpellier. This training and the four internships fulfilled my aspirations and reinforced my determination to work with children on a daily basis.

Today I am proud to be part of the creation of the elementary class of Happy Forever School, to which I will give my ideas, energy and determination. We will be focusing on everything that binds us together, but also on what gets us closer to our planet, and improve our understanding of the laws of natures that influence us daily.

Thanks to the variety of the Montessori method, and in concordance with the Education National guidelines, each child will be able to learn at their own pace (whether fast, to fulfil their desire to learn, or slow, to consolidate their knowledge), and to evolve according to their needs, which will never be overlooked but always nurtured – in respect of their personalities  and their talents.

I wish above all to create an atmosphere of care and respect; morality and philosophy will be topics often discussed. The children will guide these conversations, it will be their class, they will learn the relationship between responsibility and freedom.

I cannot wait for the children to take ownership of the class and magnify it by their presence!


LEILA, Anglophone Montessori educator for the 6-12 yo class (elementary class)

As far as I remember, teaching as always been a part of who I am. After a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages, I did a Master MEEF at the ESPE.

It was during a stay in London as an au pair that I discovered and lived from the inside Montessori method: the little boy I was looking after was educated in a Montessori school and his mother practised this method at home.

As soon as I came back to France, I started to specialize in this teaching method, first for 3-6 old children and later for 6-12.

Raised in a language environment since I was born, I combined the teaching of Montessori and the English language with children aged from 2 to 12 in alternative schools where my priority remains well-being and fulfilment of each child.

On a personal level, I love traveling and discovering new cultures. I love cooking too, and baking even more. And I try as much as possible to combine my 2 passions!

It is with great excitement that I am starting a new adventure at Happy Forever School where I am the English Montessori educator for elementary school children.


STEPHANIE, school founder and director

It is at the birth of my daughter that I discover the Montessori pedagogy, the cognitive neurosciences, and the positive education: I am exited! As many parents, I wish to give to my children the tools to “succeed in life”, to grow up happy, blooming and enthusiastic, to trust their talents and their capacities to take on the challenges of life.

In parallel, after more than 10 years working in large companies as consultant, project manager and marketing manager (I am ESSEC business school graduated ), I realise that my job really lack of sense. So I end up leaving my career to be in line with my aspirations: to use my competences to serve a project that have a real and a positive impact in the life of children and their parents.

I get trained in Montessori pedagogy, in non-violent communication, in kids’ yoga….

With experiences, I am convinced that a pedagogical approach focus on the child and his well being, with language learning in immersion, in an ecological environment close to nature is the key to fulfilment of children.

That is how the bilingual Montessori school of Nimes in Bouillargues was born: Happy Forever School.

Mother of 2 children, trained in Montessori pedagogy for the children’s house (3 to 6 years old)I am the administrative and pedagogical director of the school.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row tlg_white_color=”color-white” tlg_text_align=”text-center” css=”.vc_custom_1516111259618{background-image: url(https://happyforeverschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/top2.jpg?id=3749) !important;background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: cover !important;}”][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][tlg_spacer height=”35″][vc_column_text]


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