Happy Forever School,

the Montessori bilingual school of Nîmes

an innovative ecological
school for happy, confident and creative children

Happy Forever School, the new bilingual French-English and eco-citizen private school, based on the Montessori pedagogy, opens its doors in September 2018 in Bouillargues, 5 minutes from Nîmes, for children aged 2 to 12

Happy Forever School, a school for the 21st century

A school where children are happy, fulfilled, empowered and encouraged every day to develop their full potential in a caring, empathetic and warm environment: the key, according to recent neuroscience research, to harmonious brain development on the intellectual (memory, learning, reflection) and affective (relational abilities, emotions, feelings) levels.

Why Happy Forever School?

To provide an educational alternative for parents seeking a caring school for their children that fosters self-confidence, autonomy, enthusiasm, creativity, empathy and cooperation. A school where the child, encouraged to develop his or her full potential, learns through experience and at his or her own pace, and with pleasure, in a totally bilingual environment.


Individualized active education

Teaching based on Montessori pedagogy, as close as possible to the rhythm of each child in his or her own uniqueness: the key to fostering autonomy, confidence and personal development.

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Bilingual French-English school

Immersion of children in an Anglophone environment to learn English naturally and effortlessly: an incredible richness to evolve in an increasingly global multicultural world.

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Well-being and Soft Skills

A benevolent and non-judgmental atmosphere, activities to foster cooperation, creativity, empathy, self-esteem, management of emotions… to encourage children’s social development and contribute to their well-being.

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Nature and eco-citizenship

A bioclimatic building, playful activities to raise awareness of respect for nature: gardening, a vegetable garden, cooking workshops… to awaken environmental awareness among the citizens of tomorrow.

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