Le bilinguisme : un formidable atout cognitif et culturel pour chaque enfant par l'école Montessori Happy Forever School à Nîmes - Bilingualism



Bilingualism: a tremendous cognitive and cultural asset

Learning a living language is all the easier when you are young, and this ability is gradually lost as you grow older. That’s why, at Happy Forever School, learning English is done from an early age by immersion: children share their day between the French and English atmospheres, where only French and English are spoken respectively. Anglophone educators express themselves exclusively in English; Francophones in French.
Also, the child is totally immersed in an English-speaking environment on a daily basis through Montessori material in English and playful discussions and activities (histories, poems, songs, etc.) in English.
Learning English is easy and effortless.

Bilingualism is not a hindrance to learning the mother tongue; on the contrary, it improves the brain’s cognitive capacities (metalinguistic awareness and the ability to learn a third or fourth language) and social skills (opening to the world).

At Happy Forever School, children don’t learn two languages, they learn in two languages.



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